Best Wedding day timeline for you

Are you ready for your big day?


You are helping your friend at her wedding. I have written this article for you. It will help you to make a perfect wedding day timeline. It is usually considered a very difficult task for first-timers to figure out the wedding day timeline.

There is no need to panic. This is not a military drill where everything should go as per plan. However, you need to make a wedding day timeline. It will help you and your guests to enjoy the most out of your Wedding day. 

I have prepared this ultimate guide for you. It will help you to capture all the special moments of your wedding day.


Pre-Ceremony Photography on Wedding Day

Pre-Ceremony is a very important element of your wedding day. Before the event start. Coverage of decor and event venue is a must to do Job for any Photographer. It includes venue main area and entrance coverage. I cover every little detail of the Venue. 

Do you know why?

Actually, the bride and groom don’t have much time to check all the preparation that has been done for them. I took the responsibility here to cover all the details of your wedding day. So, you can enjoy these moments later. 

I also take photographs of Bride with bridesmaids and groom with groomsmen. The thrill and happiness on both sides before the wedding day even cannot be told. Taking Photographs of guests arriving at the event is also the essentials of your wedding day. 


Groom Photography

I usually asked my clients to inform me before preparing for the wedding day. Groom Photography starts with taking photographs of his dress. This coverage is done in a range of ways:

  • Groom dress on a padded hanger
  • Close Photo-shoots of accessories of groom like watch, cufflinks, cologne and shoes etc
  • Groom while wearing his boutonnieres or tie
  • Full-Length Shot of groom ready to attend the big day

Bride Photography

This is unarguably the most important thing to cover for a Photographer. I am creating the list. There are many things to include as well but these are a must on the wedding day.

  • Brides dress spread over the bed or hanged on a padded hanger
  • Shots of Bride dress, shoes and her jewelry
  • Bride’s Mother or bridesmaids helping her in preparation for the wedding day
  • Full-Length Photograph of the bride in front of the mirror while looking at her.


Ceremony Photography on Wedding Day

This is certainly the main part that I enjoy the most while capturing moments on these events. The happiness of the bride and groom. They are all set to start a new beginning of life. These moments need to be captured with flawlessly. Candid shots also create a good memory for you.

There are a number of moments which requires very special attention

  • Close shot of bride and groom when the exchange of rings takes place.
  • The kiss!
  • Newlyweds closeup immediately after the ceremony.

Group Photos are an important part of these events. Taking Photographs of friends and family of both sides integral part of the wedding day.  


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