Internet is still not commonly used in Pakistan: Study suggests

Pakistan is still way behind technological advancements and its use. Internet which is considered backbone of most of technology advancement is still having very less footprint as compared to our neighboring country.

As per stats, Internet users comprise of only 22% of population on contrary these figures are 34% and 48% for India and Bangladesh respectively.  In 2010, internet users in Pakistan were around 10%. Additionally, as of 2018, 11.8% population of Pakistan owns smart phone and this percentage is continuously on rise. Think Tanks are positive that situation will be better in near future.

LirneAsia, ICT think tank based in Srilanka published a similar report. Survey was filled by 2000 People. Report was published in November, 2018. It states that

“Out of 2000 people 57% own mobile of any type but Laptop/Desktop ownership is on very lower side as compared to other countries. Additionally, women are less likely to own a mobile in comparison to map which increased this gap significantly”

There are few bright sides of this study as well which indicates, Pakistan will be in much better situation in coming times

“More than 25% people who are considered in Zero Income category own mobile. These stats are excellent as compared to many under-developed countries”

Study suggests there is multiple reason of less internet exposure. We are discussing few of them

  • 61% thinks there is no need to get internet connectivity
  • 26% mentioned affordability an issue to own Internet.
  • 10% told, they don’t know how to use Internet.
  • Only 37% population knows what Internet is?

LirneAsia concluded,

  • Higher Gender divide is the reason of less exposure to internet
  • Rural Women need to be focused to increase internet users
  • Less Education is also key factor of Internet usage.

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