Souvenir of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is located in Sind Province. It is located 140 Kilometers eastern side of Karachi. Population of Hyderabad is approximately 1.7 million. Hyderabad was founded in 17th Century by Kalhora dynasty. Urdu is language most people speak in Hyderabad. It is home of Muhajir, Sindhis, Saraiki, Memon, Hindus and few other ethnicities. As per Survey, 95% population is Muslim slightly less than 5% comprise of Hindus and less than 1% belongs to other Religions.

Every City is famous for its places worth to visit, Souvenir to gift your loved ones, Food to eat. We are listing few of Souvenir and specialties of Hyderabad that you will love to send or take with you for your relatives or friends.

Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles are the specialty of Hyderabad. Unarguably, none can even match with craftsmanship of this city. There are hundreds of designs available. It is even abundantly available on Hyderabad Railway Station. So, if you are passing by Hyderabad from its Railway Station. You can grab some pairs for yourself or your sibling, mother.  It is worth to mention, if you are on a visit best place to buy Bangles is Phuleli Hyderabad.


Ajrak is synonym of Sindhi Culture and its tradition. Ajrak is usally a shawl of 3 meter having block prints on it. There are many other by product of this plain shawl as well like “Female Shalwar Kameez”, Handicrafts etc.  It is a cultural gift which is presented as Souvenir to people on visit of Land of Indus. Hyderabad is not the only spot of buying Ajrak but it is considered few of the spots where Ajraks are made. We suggest shopping of Ajrak from Cloth Market that is located near Memon Hospital. Buy it for you family, friends or relative.


This clothing stuff is exclusively produced in Hyderabad. Garbi eye-catching colors and beautiful stripes make your clothing standout. Cloth Market, Hyderabad is the hub of this clothing stuff. Cloth market is located near Memon Hospital Hyderabad. It is a must take away Souvenir of this city.


Hyderabad is also famous for its mouthwatering Rabri. Many people don’t know but Haji Rabri is the original brand which is liked most by local people. Although, there are many people in Rabri business now after it get fame nationally. Haji Rabri dates back to 1948 when the great grandfather of current owner started selling it. Haji Rabri is located in Shahi Bazar close to Pakka Qilla Chowk. Don’t miss Rabri from Haji on your next trip. Eat it there on spot and take it for your loved ones with you.

Bombay Bakery

If you are on a visit or you come across any Resident of Hyderabad ask a question.

I want to eat best Cake of your City.

Unarguably answer will be Bombay Bakery. Bombay Bakery was founded by Mr. Phalajrai Gangaram in 1911. It is located in Saddar area of Hyderabad. Bombay Bakery is famous for its Macaron and Coffee Cakes. Currently, Bombay Bakery is in hands of 4th Generation of founder. This is a must to taste and to take away product with you on your visit of Hyderabad.

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